Arranging trip to Bhutan is hardly simple. We can help you make it easier at no additional cost!

We're Bhutan travel expert!

Bhutan's tourism policy requires the following for all visitors: 


- Arrange travel only through 'local' tour operators in Bhutan;  

- Complete tour itinerary with visa applications; 

- Make full payment of the daily tourist fees when you apply for the visa. 

We are a responsive, responsible and reliable team ensuring gold-standard services. 

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With us, you're insured!

Traveling can expose you to great variety of uncertainties. 

Your travel to Bhutan through our services will cover insurance for any expenditure rising out of any unavoidable events.  

There is no hassle for you to be abiding by the insurance terms, we got your back and make easy for you. 

Our insurance policies will be shared with you once the travel bookings is initiated and secured with us! 

We're great planners!

Sourcing right and reliable information alone can be so burdensome in planning a trip. 

Getting the right choice of services is even harder when communicating overseas! 

Coming from and having just the right information about the services available in Bhutan, we can take care for you all the hassles of planning a trip. 

We can plan and book your trip at no additional consulting fees.  All you need to do is tell us a bit about your trip: 

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Responsive. Reliable. Responsible.

We are a family owned and operated start-up travel services in Canberra.  We specialise travel services to Bhutan. We offer assistance planning your trip, booking services, and providing information for your travel to Bhutan. 

We are responsive in providing our services. Ensure reliability and trust in all our dealings. Be responsible for your dream trip!

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Dorji has spent part of his time for some years helping to develop and manage a family travel service in Bhutan.  

He has tourism industry experience in Bhutan and understands how to make the most value of the visitors' experience in Bhutan. 

His friendly nature, reliable and trustworthy character with strong networking skills opens access to wide range of travel services, vacation packages, and options in Bhutan for you to get maximum value of the money you spend to visit Bhutan.  

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Tashi moved to Canberra with Dorji enrolled to study his post-graduate degree at ANU in 2016. It is her inspiration to help people interested to visit Bhutan benefited by Dorji's  experience of travel services that the couple has commenced this start-up in Canberra.

With her experience in customer faced services, Tashi brings values of gold-standard service into the start-up.